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Meat industry

Spice mixes

  • Spice mixes for boiled sausages, Frankfurters;
  • Spice mixes for smoked and cooked sausages, Knackers;
  • Spice mixes for semi-smoked sausages;
  • Spice mixes for dried and cold smoked salami;
  • Spice mixes for decorating meat products;
  • Spice mixes for dried and cold smoked meat pieces;
  • Spice mixes for pates;
  • Spice mixes for minced meat products;
  • Spice mixes for products in cans;
  • Spice mixes for culinary products;
  • Spice mixes for special products.

Functional blends

  • Functional injected blends;
  • Functional cutterised blends;
  • Functional blends to prolong shelf life;
  • Functional blends to improve the “knack” feeling;
  • Functional blends for emulsifying;
  • Functional blends to produce meat substitutes;
  • Functional coloring blends;
  • Functional blends for fermentation;
  • Functional blends for special products.

Starter cultures

  • Starter cultures for dried, cold smoked salami;
  • Starter cultures to improve flavour and colour;
  • Starter cultures for cold smoked and dried hams;
  • Starter cultures for products without added E-numbers;
  • Starter cultures for moulded sausages;
  • Starter cultures for ‘Pizza Salami’;
  • Starter cultures against Listeria Monocytogenes;
  • Starter cultures for special products.


  • Ready-to-use oil-based marinades;
  • Ready-to-use emulsified marinades;
  • Dry marinades;
  • Marinades for shashlik;
  • Spice salts;
  • Spice blends for marinating.


  • Dry compounds for sauce preparation;
  • Compound for mayonnaise preparation;
  • Compound for ketchup preparation;
  • Ready-to-use sauces;
  • Sauces in a special package (sachets, cups, etc.).


  • Transglutaminase for boiled sausages, Frankfurters;
  • Transglutaminase for raw fermented sausages;
  • Transglutaminase to connect fresh meat pieces.

Dry milk products

  • Sweet whey powder;
  • Skimmed milk powder;
  • Whole milk powder;
  • Cream powder;
  • Whey permeat powder;
  • Milk proteins;
  • Yoghurt powder;
  • Cheese powder;
  • Blends.

Modified starches

  • For boiled sausages and Frankfurters;
  • For marinades and sauces;
  • For injected brines;
  • For fillings;
  • Physically modified starches without E-numbers;
  • Organic modified starches.


  • Pork gelatine 100-270 bloom;
  • Beef gelatine 240-270 bloom;
  • Flavoured gelatine.

Animal proteins 

  • Plasma proteins;
  • Haemoglobin proteins;
  • Pork collagen proteins;
  • Beef collagen proteins;
  • Poultry proteins;
  • Functional protein blends.


  • Wheat fibre;
  • Cellulose fibre;
  • Potato fibre;
  • Psyllium fibre;
  • Blends of fibres.

Breadcrumbs, coatings

  • Breadcrumbs for structure;
  • Breadcrumbs for surface, various colours;
  • Various breadcrumb mixes;
  • Cornflakes;
  • Panko;
  • Predust;
  • Batter compounds;
  • Tempura compounds;
  • Coating systems for meat products.

Fried crispy vegetables

  • Crispy fried onions;
  • Crispy fried paprika;
  • Crispy fried jalapeno.

Taste and flavour enhancers

  • Yeast extracts;
  • Hydrolysed vegetable proteins;
  • Aromas;
  • Blends of taste and flavour enhancers.

Coatings for surface of sausages

  • Transparent, shiny dispersion for surface of raw fermented salami;
  • White dip (artificial mould) for surface of raw fermented salami;
  • Mass for gluing spices and seeds to the surface of sausages.

Food colourants

  • Carmine;
  • Beetroot red;
  • Haemoglobin;
  • Paprika extract;
  • Food caramel;
  • Blends of colourants.

Natural casings

  • Hog casings, calibrated, 26-45mm;
  • Chitterlings;
  • Bladders;
  • Beef caps;
  • Beef straight colons;
  • Sheep casings, calibrated, 16-24mm;
  • Sheep caps;
  • Tubed casings;
  • Glued, fixed length casings.

Food additives

  • Single food additives;
  • Blends of food additives.
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Aurimas Verbliugevičius
Aurimas Verbliugevičius
Business Unit Manager
Meat, Fish Industry, Culinary
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Vilma Stanevičiutė
Fish, meat industry technologist